On The Line: Prologue

I firmly believe that anyone who decides to work as a professional cook for a living is a wonderful candidate for a mental study.  I’m pretty sure there are more rewarding careers in sewage.  Now that’s an actual cook, mind you, not a chef walking around a dining room shaking hands wearing a $350 coat [...]


Sasha sat atop her horse, watching the storm crash over the canyonlands. Brilliant white lightning forked dark, heavy clouds as thunder boomed in a deep, crashing roar that resounded in her chest. Beneath the ridge on which she and her men stood, the earth fell away into deep ravines that plunged sharply downward, carving massive [...]

Ulfgar & James

Ulfgar groaned as he leaned back against the lamp-post, wiping his nose with a square of folded linen, heavily stained a brilliant crimson with his blood. It appeared that the bleeding was finally going to stop.  His knuckles stung as they brushed against the stiff hair of his beard and he hissed in annoyance, shaking [...]

The King and I

King Dane Rathburne, the lightbringer, sixth of his line and ruler of Hithlinde, was gardening.  A kind-looking man in his early thirties with a long, straight nose and brown, braided hair currently looped upon itself and tucked beneath a cloth cap.  Colorful beads and shining coins were woven into his elegant braid, glinting in the [...]